Being a part of your wedding day is a huge honour for us.

Philosophy Studios has been capturing authentic moments for 13+ years. Located in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, they have had the pleasure to travel across the world photographing both people and weddings. Finding beautiful landscapes with the best light possible, they create a collection of timeless imagery that will be cherished for generations.



With 13 years of photography experience in her back pocket, Eva finds inspiration in texture and nature. From taking a moment to watch a willow tree sway back and forth in the breeze or a wheat field dance in the wind, sparks her innate creative desire to capture the feeling. Leaning more towards the candid, "lightly-posed" documentary style, Eva will always feel the need for classic posing that she knows she will never lose. However, of all the moments that make up a wedding day, the "first look" is near and dear to her heart when capturing it for someone else. Having experienced this moment on her own wedding day, Eva fondly remember the quietness and intimacy she felt; and seeing this over and over brings back all these lovely emotions.

eva’s portfolio




What’s his favourite part of a wedding day? The end, just ask him. And not because it means the day is over, but because it’s the portion of the day when Joel likes to take his couple away from the celebrating for a few moments to capture some night photos. For him, it's a great way to have a little space to create something different and unique, in an intimate spot with an architectural or textural detail, focus on light, line, contrast and emotion, and then say his goodbyes.

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With a documentary and lifestyle approach to her photography, Meg loves to capture fun-loving couples who like to go with the flow. Inspired by the elements and her surroundings Meg doesn't spend her time checking off a shot list, rather, she gets creative with the scenery, architecture and personalities of each client and their day. Every wedding is so different and that is what Meg loves most about documenting a wedding day. Each moment is so uniquely filled with such personal emotions -- the excitement, the nerves, the fears and most importantly, the LOVE.

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Sarah has come to find that she likes her photography to be clean and classic with a simple elegance. She loves the energy in the room as the bride and her girls get ready, and almost always gets teary eyed when a couple shares special moments with their grandparents and parents. When she’s not hiding behind the camera with tears in her eyes, family heirlooms on a wedding day are a favourite to document.

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