Meet Eva


Known by her friends and family for being supremely organized, reliable, thoughtful and deeply caring (if you’re crying, she’s crying), Eva is all the best parts of a business owner, partner and friend.

With 15 years of photography experience in her back pocket, Eva finds inspiration in texture and nature. Taking a moment to watch a willow tree sway back and forth in the breeze or a wheat field dance in the wind, sparks her innate creative desire to capture the feeling. Leaning more towards the candid, "lightly-posed" documentary style, Eva will always feel the need for classic posing that she knows she will never lose.

However, of all the moments that make up a wedding day, the "first look" is near and dear to her heart when capturing it for someone else. Having experienced this moment on her own wedding day, Eva fondly remembers the quietness and intimacy she felt on that day; and seeing this over and over brings back all these lovely emotions.

What else makes Eva, Eva?

Spending time with her husband Aaron and their son Radcliffe is a given - hearing Rad laugh is probably the best sound in the world. Working out and running has always been a huge passion of hers, and she is always actively challenging herself and achieving her personal goals. Records, baking, reading (but never finishing books), Italy, making lists, renovating, bon-fires, road trips, concerts; these are the life joys that fill Eva’s cup. Oh, and because we’re all a little wonderfully weird, the taste of a Tylenol is up there with red wine and a fresh Cosmic brownie!


Eva’s Portfolio