Meet Joel


It’s not often that we discover our passions at an early age never mind being fortunate enough to earn a living doing what you love for a third of your life; this is the story for Joel as he has spent the last 9 years celebrating this very fact!

A combination of creativity, fun-loving spirit and loyalty are what make Joel a very special part of the Philosophy Studios team. If he’s not at home spending time with his beautiful wife and two daughters, at a sporting event, or giving himself a few hours of freedom cycling his heart out, you can most likely find Joel with a camera in his hand, capturing a love story.

What’s his favourite part of a wedding day? The end, just ask him. And not because it means the day is over, but because it’s the portion of the day when Joel likes to like to take his couple away from the celebrating for a few moments to capture some night photos. For him, it's a great way to have a little space to create something different and unique, in an intimate spot with an architectural or textural detail, focus on light, line, contrast and emotion, and then say his goodbyes.

Speed Round: Joel Edition

• he’s been bald his entire adult life and lost his hair at 18

• grew up playing classical piano

• was once selected as a participant in the Indiana Jones Stage Show at Disney

• a type one diabetic

• can wiggle his ears

• if he could do anything in the world, he would own a bike shop near a beach


Joel’s Portfolio