Eco-Friendly Wedding Photographer, Niagara on the Lake

the time has finally come.  i am so excited to share some of the changes i am implementing for 2013.  over the last couple years i have been trying to push a lot of my personal life to be more eco-friendly and environmentally efficient.  i clean my house 99% chemical free, cleaning with just water; i use energy efficent lightbulbs, dimmers or candlelight; i recycle, compost and donate anything and everything whenever possible, need i continue?  while starting these changes in my personal life i thought, i could run my business much more environmentally friendly as well.  and the research began.

part of what i love about being a photographer is that i am capturing moments that people can cherish forever.  so, of course, while looking for a printing lab i want not just quality, but archival quality.  i want my albums, my canvases and my prints to outlast lifetimes.  it was very important to me that i found not only someone who cared about the same things i did, from an environmental standpoint, but ensuring a superior product.  i thoroughly enjoy that the labs i have chosen are very conscious about the environment, one even advocates specific times of the day that are best, in which to run their printers, while still never sacrificing the standards of excellence in the printing process itself. 

so, i am happy to introduce an exclusive new line of fine art prints, greeting cards, canvases, and albums!  my new line of products are all archival quality, completely handmade and environmentally friendly.  all of the printing is done with brilliant archival inks that produce a 200 year rated dark storage quality.  the albums are completely made from scratch, meaning they buy the raw materials to make a special bookcloth, offer exotic endpapers, print in-house, mount and craft the covers by hand.  they are unique, extremely personal and very intimate.  i hope that you will enjoy with me the changes i am making and the values in which i stand for; all for a many lifetimes of memories.