Let Me Introduce Myself, Eco-Friendly Wedding Photographer

building a business is a commitment like few others.  i have put my heart and soul into my work.  i love what i do and recognize how blessed i am to do something i love and make a living doing it.

as i grow as a woman i feel the need to allow my business to grow with me.  as such, i have realized the need to completely rebrand eva derrick photography.  i am not the woman i was when this adventure began so it's time to align my business with my general lifestyle.

i have experienced many things in the short time i've walked this planet.  i have met incredible people.  last year I finally married the love of my life. he makes me laugh, he lets me cry and he supports all the crazy things that make me eva.

we have found our dream home in niagara on the lake.  we are surrounded by nature and the simple breeze reminds me that the earth is where is all started. 

eva derrick photography is finding it's groove much like i have.  i am proud to introduce my new website to the world.  i hope that as you click through you will see the simplicity i find in the beauty that is real life.  i want to provide the world with still shots of these real moments.  i want to capture moments of genuine happiness.  i want to give back to the planet and do my part to maintain this magnificent ground we walk on. 

going forward i have committed to providing hand-made albums, recycled materials and acid free papers.  while i have recycling bins and a green bin, my business practices need to match the commitments i've made in my personal life.

something as simple as a new website can really feel like a refreshed continuance of what i have been doing for so many years.  thank you for supporting my business and please stayed tuned as eva derrick photography continues to grow with a commitment to leaving my carbon footprint on our beautiful planet.

                                                                                                                                      photograph courtesy of  t  y james photo.

                                                                                                                                      photograph courtesy of ty james photo.