A Fall Wedding at Queens Landing Hotel

Sometimes we get blessed with a picture perfect fall day, like Karsten + Janet's wedding. There was not a rain-cloud in the sky, just a bright shining sun.

The weather was just the beginning of our favourite experiences with their wedding. We have known Karsten + Janet for many years, so to be asked to capture their wedding day was very touching. 

The best moment of the day had to have been the very ending. When Janet went to toss her bouquet in the air for the ladies to catch, some might say her aim was a little off- or was it?

In all the years that we have been photographing weddings, we have seen bouquets not make it to the ladies waiting, pass them completely, not even reach their direct, hit the ceiling and sprinkle down a slew of flowers, but this was a first. She landed it right in the chandelier! It didn't waiver at all, it just landed perfectly, believe me, we were watching. Thankfully one brave young ring bearer got up on his father's shoulders and pulled it down (safely). 

Enjoy the images from their wedding, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!