Meet Meg


Meg is your free-spirited, down to earth, always up for something fun, never-says-no kinda gal and her couples love that about her! For her, there is no place she would rather be in her career than right where she is. To get to share in the best day of a person’s life with them, celebrate their greatest achievements, document new life coming into this world, new families together, celebrating so many amazing milestones and documenting them for people to cherish always, Meg feels like she is truly living the dream.

With a documentary and lifestyle approach to her photography, Meg loves to capture fun-loving couples who like to go with the flow. Inspired by the elements and her surroundings, she doesn't spend her time checking off a shot list, rather, Meg gets creative with the scenery, architecture and personalities of each client and their day. Every wedding is so different and that is what she loves most about documenting a wedding day. Each moment is so uniquely filled with such personal emotions -- the excitement, the nerves, the fears and most importantly, the LOVE. The love between the couple as well as the love and sense of pride from the families and friends. She loves the little moments exchanged between everyone and documenting the quiet moments you may otherwise miss.

A family girl, it’s the feeling of togetherness over a big family meal or a games night that is right up there with her favourite things to do. She jumps at every and any opportunity to see live music, travel, explore different cultures and meet new people wherever she goes; it’s all about human interaction, we have one life and Megan is living it!



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