World Photo Day, A Day Of Reflection: Destination Photographer

 I posted this on my Instagram feed today, but I thought, why not share it on the blog (and now, I can share a few extra photographs as well!) 

Happy ‘world photo day’, a day that photographers (and those alike) share a single photograph with their view of the world, in order to celebrate the art of photography. This year, I have been thinking more than ever about what I want FROM my photography, but today I think what have I gotten because of photography. The ability to work for myself, grow as an artist, and travel the globe (slowly, but more and more, nonetheless). So what photograph would I share on a day like today, you ask? A photograph of where I want to be as often as I can, while I still live and breathe. In the sky, above the clouds, continuing to see the world and all the differences that live beyond my lovely bubble I gladly call home.


Here are a couple extras for those who visited the blog, vs just social media -- thank you.