Not all product is created equal: Niagara wedding photographers


In this digital world that we live in today it is much more rare to find people who actual value printed photography. People who understand the need to have something tangible that will last you a lifetime (or more), versus a piece of digital technology that will shortly be obsolete. The desire to show off artwork that was created specifically for them, that they are proud of. 

Whether it is a framed or a loose print, a wall canvas collection, or an album, when a client tells a professional photographer that they want more than just digital files, it is our job to ensure they will be getting product that will last many generations to come.

Often, as a way to make a wedding collection look more desirable, some photographers will include an album, while being able to keep the price tag still relatively low. Many times it is because the album is extremely inexpensive to purchase due to it's quality. Sometimes people will use a "supplier" that you, yourself could also use. This always makes us wonder... 'what is the quality like, and how easily will it get destroyed?'


Whenever we introduce a new line of albums (or any product) into our studio, we do our research. We want to know about its quality: how its made, the types of materials used, and most importantly how long it will last. We believe that our clients deserve the best possible products, and that they are archival; meaning they will last at least their lifetime. We believe that providing our clients with something that can be passed on from generation to generation, so that their children's children can see the story unfold page after page.

As photographers we are here to capture these precious moments, and monumental events in your lives it only seems right to display and preserve them with the most care possible.