Fine Art Wedding Album, Niagara on the Lake Photographer

Sometimes people ask, "why would I need a wedding album if I can get digital files?", and I stop and wonder if they really understand the differences between digital and print.

I often think that in this day and age, many people simply are not aware of why they want digital files. They have seemingly become such a staple to this generation, that it is just the go-to thing to ask for. 

If you stop and think about it, most people cannot answer why they want them, they assume they have to have them because a friend who got married last year got a disk, or USB key, so they need one too. Now, don't get me wrong, all my wedding clients do get digital files, it is not from the perspective that it ends there.


Digital mediums like CDs, DVDs, and USB keys are all subject to the changing technological times we live in. Assuming these devices never corrupt before the latest technology, the chances of them being readable 2, 5 or 10 years is slim.

Think of it this way, I got married four years ago, and my photographer gave me a disk of images with our wedding photos. That same year I bought a new laptop which does not even have a disk drive within it, so we could not even look at our images! How crazy is that? Thanks for the disk... it is very pretty??

That was a very pivotal moment for me as a business owner, in understanding that providing my clients with just digital files is not doing them any favours. In fact, it is quite the opposite. 

Printing your photographs is the only way to ensure their survival, and to truly respect their meaning. Being able to cozy up on the couch with a loved one, or sit at the dining room table with your family and reminisce with a photograph, or an album in your hands should be the only way to truly experience these important milestones in your life.


Images come to life when they are in print; they can evoke more emotion in you than you think possible... and they are truly here to stay. Especially, when using archival inks and paper (which is all I offer- by the way).

A wedding album will not go out of style, and it is my job to ensure just that. I choose to print with a fine art process, using museum grade papers to create a legacy piece that your great-grandchild will be able to enjoy.

I believe that no more than ever we spend so much time, and we work very hard, in order to have a better life with our families; we need to remember importance of encapsulating those memories to live on for generations.


From the bride: "I just wanted to send a huge thank you for our wedding album. I've shared it with both mine, and Bobby's parents, and everyone is totally blown away by it! The detail is incredible, and I love that it totally tells our story. " -- Jessica.