Celebrate with us: Niagara Wedding Photographers

I am so excited to share with everyone this new path of Eva Derrick Photography. We are going on a new journey and would love for you to all come for the ride. This is something that has always been in the back of my mind, for years in fact. But as a business owner there is so much to consider when making a change of growth. 


Eventually, you either find the perfect opportunity for change, or it will find you.

Over the past 6 months I have been secretly working really hard to grow my business and am finally ready to share my news with you all. Eva Derrick Photography will now have associate photographers working with us. 

What does this mean for you? Well, as a client you will get even more attention than you have in the past. We will have even more availability, and more easily be able to accommodate your scheduling needs. You will still get the same customer experience as you have in the past, it just might be a little sweeter.

As a photographer, you are more than welcome to apply to become an associate; there is an extensive training and review process before acceptance.

We expect our clients to have the greatest experience from the initial inquiry to final delivery of images, so quality is so important.

It is thrilling to finally have this news out into the world, and I hope you are all as excited as we are here. I am so blessed that I have had 11 amazing seasons as a wedding photographer, and cannot wait to see what the next 11 bring.

Thank you for celebrating with us.