Alanna + Matt, Albion Hills Engagement Photographer

Light. This is what allows photographers to make a photograph, to tell a story. You can set a mood or ruin one in a fraction of a second; and you can continue to do so, all day long if you do not understand how light can help you.

Engagement sessions are by far, one of the highlights of my job. This is where you are allowing me into your lives. How often do you have quiet, happy, proud, and maybe even emotional moments with your best friend, and lover, while you allow someone to be there to witness it? 

That is why I do not take my job lightly, at all.

The beauty about an engagement session is that you are less likely to have to worry about a schedule. You do not have 140 of your closest friends and family waiting for you to tie the knot, or sipping cocktails in a beautiful atrium patiently waiting to greet the happy couple and offer their congratulations.

When there is less of a time restraint you have the ability to really move around your surroundings and find beautiful light that tells different stories. I use light to provide a certain mood, whether it is calm and casual, whimsical and ethereal, soft and romantic, or fun and playful. To showcase that feeling you need light use correctly in order to tell the story it is you want to tell.  

Please enjoy some images from Alanna + Matt's engagement session at Albion Hills conservation, where they first met, some ten years before.