Portrait Sessions

Documentary Session:

These sessions offer a lifestyle approach, using on-location available light. This allows us to create a collection of images that can tell a story through interaction.

Environmental Session:

Still on location, here we can create more of a formal session. This approach is used when creating an image or series of images, showcasing the environment for a family, multiple families, or large groups.

The Studio Session:

This session offers the traditional studio setting, when you would prefer a more controlled lighting environment.

the details:

maximum six people
in person* viewing and ordering appointment
( take place within two weeks of session)
shareable custom app (phone or tablet) with digital files

*online available for out of town clients

the investment:

1 hour documentary session - $375
1 hour environmental session - $275
1/2 hour studio session - $175

additional half hour - $75
additional person - $25

contact us to schedule your session


What do we wear for our session?

The face should be the brightest part in a photograph, so wearing neutrals is always best. However, if colours are you, you have to rock them! I have created a Pinterest board for some inspiration for ideas. Keep in mind the season, the setting, and obstructions in your clothing (i.e. shirt collars, etc.). Check it out here.

Where would we go for an on-location session?

This can vary depending on the session itself. Often documentary sessions can take place anywhere; having some variety within our backgrounds for some different options is always a bonus. For an environmental session, this can be at a place that is special to you, where you want to showcase the environment as well as yourselves.

When is the best time to do a family session, for a new family?

Once your little one(s) can sit up on up on their own and support themselves. They may still sway a little, but that is okay.

How often should we do a family session?

This is more of a personal choice, depending on how you keep and showcase your images. Typically, if you are investing in wall portraiture for your home, you wait for milestone moments, or special events. However, if you prefer to keep an ongoing journaling of your family, and prefer to purchase books or albums, then annually is best.

When can we expect to see our images?

Within two weeks of your session, you will come to the studio for a viewing appointment where you will view and purchase your images. When travelling back to the studio is not an option, we can schedule an online ordering appointment.