How many photos do you take on a wedding day?

As many as it takes to tell your story. But for real, it really varies because every wedding is so different. Some wedding days we spend a lot of time driving around from location to location, so the day can get eaten up in the car instead of taking photographs. Other weddings might have a larger than “normal” list of family formals to set up, which takes a lot of time and patience. Scheduling also plays a big factor. I would rather take my time waiting for the right moments than worrying about taking a specific number of photographs.


Are all the photos on the USB key, edited?

The images included on the USB are proofs. Which, in a traditional sense, means you look at these and order your final images for display, via albums, prints, etc. all final products are fully “retouched”. There is a misconception about the difference between "editing" and "retouching". A lot of people in the industry use the terms interchangeably, and they really should not as it makes things more confusing to our clients. A light editing is done to a proof, adjusting for the basics: exposure, contrast, sharpness, etc. while a retouched photograph should have been looked at with a fine tooth comb for blemishes, skin softening, etc. ensuring it is ready for professional printing.


Can I print the images from my USB key?

The short answer, yes. We are providing you with the rights to print your proofs when you receive them on USB.

The long answer, you shouldn’t. The reason, without getting too technical, is that there is a colour shift from computer to computer, and from printer to printer. You may not get the results you think you should get when you print from just any lab, in any city. Whereas, I (and hopefully every other professional photographer out there) calibrate my monitor to my printer on a weekly basis to ensure what I see, is what I get.


Do you have a second photographer on the wedding day?

Not exactly. I have an assistant with me at every wedding, and during the ceremony and reception they will take on the “second photographer” role to get some additional photographs. Since these parts of the day are happening in “real time” (meaning, we cannot interrupt, tweak or pose anything), it is nice to get the additional perspective.


What if we do not want to do an engagement session?

I highly recommend to all my couples that we find some time to do an engagement session. If distance is an issue, I still suggest that we find even 30 minutes or so to get you in front of the camera, to "practice" a little. It is very important to me as a photographer to get your best angles, expressions, and genuine emotion, one of the best ways for me to do this, is by practicing with you PRIOR to the wedding day. This is why I automatically include a complimentary engagement session within all of my collections. Plus, it is a great excuse for us to just get together, hang out for an hour and get to know each other a little better. Should it really not work out, it is okay, it does not have to be done. It is a complimentary item that I include in all my collections, so if it doesn’t happen, no sweat.


Can we re-create images from my interest board?

I am a photographer, an artist, a creative; my job is to create something unique for my clients versus trying to replicate someone else’s work. While I find Pinterest to be a great source of inspiration, and “pin” photographs that I love as well, I prefer to keep them in the back of my mind, and your wedding at the front. This allows me to channel what is happening in the moment, and how to best depict the story happening around me, versus creating an alternate one.