Calling All Dog Lovers: A Happy Ending

i wanted to write a post about how grateful i am for the people in my life.  from the family members that stepped up without question searching all throughout the night into early morning; the friends and neighbours who put their needs on back-burner for a whole afternoon to help us; and the many, many people who offered up advice, support and words of encouragement from phone calls, text messages and all outlets of social media, i will never be able to thank you entirely. 

and especially to my loving husband, who wandered the streets for over 10 hours mostly by foot, in the rain with boots and a flashlight, checking every single street corner, looking in many backyards, parks, garages, sheds, under every single bush, shrub or tree, within the large block of subdivision that surrounds our home. 

those just tuning in, the situation goes like this:  my 4 year old puppy (who is [one of] my baby) was missing for 15 hours.  both leon and larry got out of our backyard without us knowing late saturday night and within a short 5 minutes of coming to realize what had happened they were both gone.  about an hour into the search i found leon walking down the street in the rain, with larry nowhere to be found.  immediately,iI took him out on foot in hopes he would lead me to larry.  we walked for hours, screaming for larry, late into the evening and early into the morning.  many friends and family helping on foot or by car, and everyone raced to the sound of dogs barking, over and over to be let down each time, larry was never there.

we worried that it was cold, dark and wet, but hoped he had taken shelter somewhere, waiting out the evening to find his way home with daylight.  but to me, giving up to rest my body or my mind made me feel like i was giving up on him, so i sat at my window in hopes i would see him walking by, i had no desire to sleep.  we worked in shifts, aaron would rest and i would stare anxiously, then start up walking and hollering all over again into the wee hours of morning while the rain got heavier.

after posting some of my favourite photos of larry on twitterinstagram and facebook, the niagara falls humane society facebook page shared the link.  luckily, this was our saving grace.  what we did not know, was that only a short, yet long 15 minutes after leon and larry first left our backyard; only to head in completely opposite directions, an amazing couple that i will call “melanie and kevin” spotted larry running through a main intersection a block from our home.  after having dodged 3 cars, they had to corner him in order to allow him to pick him up, larry is very nervous around new people.  lhey took him in for the night and tried to ease his distress well into the next afternoon when “melanie” saw the link that was shared from the humane society facebook page.  she called me immediately to let me know my baby was safe, just missing his home; within minutes we got to their house and he was safe in our arms.

it is incredible that someone would not only stop to help an animal in need, but also to be so persistent to ensure his capture for safety.  knowing larry, i am sure it was not an easy feat.  i am forever grateful and thankful for all involved in locating larry, keeping him safe, and returning him home to us. 

please enjoy the photograph of larry that circulated enough to bring him home.